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  • Timothy Taylor Landlord (bottle)

    May 31st, 2009LanesyReal Ale

    When I’m out socialising with companions who are satisfied with just
    about any golden, fizzy liquid they can get their hands on, one of the
    few real ales they have actually heard of is Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.

    In bottle form, the jolly barman on the label is recognisable from
    many a cask pump. So does it live up to it’s cousin from the barrel?

    The dark amber colour is certainly inviting and the ale produces a
    lively head straight away. Freshly poured, the aroma certainly
    imitates the warm, malty scent of the cask equivalent.

    Once in the mouth, it’s surprising how smooth it feels for a bottled
    ale, with only the slightest of carbonising sensations on the tongue.

    The first taste reflects the malty aroma with the slightest of toffee
    in the mouth, with a strong, burnt aftertaste that lingers for the
    remainder of the glass. I have to say, I don’t recall this particular
    flavour from the last time I had Landlord in the pub and, at first, I thought
    it might detract from the potential to be a good session beer. By the end
    of the bottle however, I could certainly have managed another couple -
    the sign of a winning ale for me.

    Comparing a bottled to a cask version of the same beer is something I
    don’t always find easy to do, as each method can produce a very
    different pint, some better in the bottle, some in the cask. Landlord
    tastes slightly heavier and the aftertaste is certainly more
    overpowering in the variety I have tried here, but this doesn’t make
    it any less of a drink.

    Realistically, I didn’t expect it to meet the high standard set by a
    pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord in a traditional pub setting, but I
    didn’t anticipate that it would produce such a drinkable bottled beer
    in it’s own right.

    Timothy Taylor Landlord - Real Ale Reviews

    Timothy Taylor Landlord


    Sam is a life long Leeds United fan and sometime home brewer, using kit that includes a recycled Hotpoint washing machine. When not drinking beer Sam likes nothing more than a hot cuppa and the sound of a crackling record on the long player

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