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  • Thwaites Nutty Black

    February 3rd, 2011FletchtheMonkeyDark Mild

    Ronseal would be proud of Thwaites. So would John Smith’s, once they got round to experimenting with new flavours anyway.

    Some might say that Thwaites Nutty Black isn’t exactly a militant artisan beer, despite the fact it definitely offers something different to justanotherbitterpleasethankyouvery much. They are right – this is no Mikkeller experiment – but who cares.

    Thwaites Nutty Black is a solid category winner. Nutty Black stands out against the norm, has been crafted into a mainstream local beer, a simple yet flavoursome ale. It’s character is balanced (a tad thin for my tastes) and it’s different by virtue of embracing nuttiness (and we believe no squirrels were harmed in it’s making).

    Want tasting notes? Take one dark mild, make it taste nutty, hey presto!

    Thwaites brew beers you can drink straight off the moors, alongside a Sunday roast, in front of an open fire with your dirty boots on. Nutty Dark is 3.3% so it’s almost what you might call a family beer and in it’s past life as Thwaites Dark Mild this beer has been around since 1807. It’s even a multi-Champion Beer of Britain winner. Daniel Thwaites would be proud today of his beer portfolio and that this Dark Mild survives on.

    As autumn approaches or as the winter deepens, dark milds are just what the doctor ordered. Why CAMRA put Mild month in May I have no idea because you’d be mad to drink this before the leaves start to turn yellow and fall off. But drink it you should, because it’s pleasantly rewarding. If it’s leaves you unfulfilled but interested then you can try it’s stronger brother Thwaites Very Nutty Black, described tongue-in-cheek as ‘export strength’.

    There’s no nonsense about Thwaites or Nutty Black, just simple northern charm and humour (read the labels on the bottles!).

    Thwaites Nutty Black does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Thwaites Nutty Black pumpclip by Paul Kayley for Thwaites

    Nutty Black pumpclip (by Paul Kayley for Thwaites)

    Thwaites Nutty Black export label

    Exported to the Far East of Leeds (photo by Nick Martin)

    Beer information:
    Beer: Nutty Black
    Brewery: Thwaites
    Style: Dark Mild
    ABV: 3.3%
    Country: Blackburn, England

    Photo credits: Paul Kayley & Nick Martin


    Mark is better known as @fletchthemonkey and started writing about beer in 2009. When not content with spending all day on the internet working in digital for an multichannel retailer, Mark waxes lyrical at and types up match reports for Leeds Guide magazine.

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2 responses to “Thwaites Nutty Black” RSS icon

  • Richard Huddleston

    Only tried bottle (conditioned) version.
    Yes it’s black, no it’s not nutty, yes it’s like thin vinegar. How is this 3.9%?



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    @Richard Huddleston, Can be a bit thin but not really known in to not be at all nutty. If it was vinegary too sounds not too fresh!



  • Just trying a bottle conditioned at 3.9% ABV, mainly an impulse buy of something unfamiliar.

    To add to the mystery, I can’t find much about it online, your blog being one of the few results. (Good find though – have subscribed, will enjoy reading!)

    Very ordinary beer though, cannot explain how it won awards. Black indeed, but thin, watery, no nose at all. Tastes like flat diet coke.



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    @Simon, Hi Simon, and thanks for the kind words (they help make us keep doing this thing!)

    I’d agree Nutty Black is a tad thin, but it it was flat coke then I reckon it wasn’t quite right, shouldn’t be that bad!

    I think you’d prefer Very Nutty Black! :)



    Simon Reply:

    Thanks, you’re probably right. I certainly will try the “Very” if I happen to stumble across it.



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    we’ll let you know if we see any in the shops


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