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  • Suffolking Beer Ban

    September 28th, 2012FletchtheMonkeyComment

    I pick up the i most days from the corner shop. Sometimes I treat myself to a cold can of Orangina (rock and roll I know).

    The corner shop survives on booze and fags primarily: the cheapskates like me who nip in to use Collect+ and grab a tin of beans would barely keep the shop standing without the queue for wine, spirits and Super Kings.

    Yesterday’s i – picked up alongside Space Raiders and fizzy pop for a lazy evening on the sofa – caught my attention with a story entitled “Ipswich launches push to ban super-strength booze”.

    “Off licence owners in Ipswich are being asked to remove strong beers and ciders from their shelves in an effort to tackle alcohol abuse”.

    Ok, so high strength booze linked to abuse of alcohol. Discuss. 1) Cause and effect – did the high strength booze cause the abuse or did the abuse lead to a desire for a high strength fix? That aside, if we assume high strength booze sold cheaply is a contributing factor, why are beer and cider the victims?

    Alcohol can play a catalyst role in crime but what of pocket sized bottles of whisky and hip flask style bottles of vodka available behind the Tesco or McColl’s counter alongside cancer sticks and lethal doses of paracetamol. In the queue at my corner shop some cans of Kestrel sit in the fridge, but for the price of 3 or 4 tinnies you can grab a reasonable sized bottle of unknown vodka and a penknife to carry in your pocket.

    The article continues:

    “The town has seen four street drinkers murdered in the last three years and police say the scheme could not only help those who depend on alcohol but also the wider community and those tasked with clean-up operations.~”

    So, hang on. Are you saying that cans of beer murdered four people in three years?


    The Ipswich beer ban reported in the i

    The Ipswich beer ban reported in the i

    Before we condemn the campaign – in fact it may have merit and may work – we can’t help but feeling it’s a case of making a song and dance about an easy target, social green washing to appease local fury. Will banning high strength beer and cider save society? No. Will it help maybe? Will it kerb the demand for booze? Will people simply find an alternative?

    What puzzles us is why Ipswich has picked on beer and cider as the root cause of murder and violence. Whilst I’m not likely to kick up much fuss about White Ace or Frosty Jack’s disappearing from the shelves of Suffolk supermarkets, we’re scratching our heads over the somewhat simplistic solution to problems arising from much more complex social issues. As per usual, the headlines simply shout “Beer is bad”.

    The Guardian adds a greater back story to the campaign, explaining in more detail that the emphasis is on the ban forming part of an initiative to make the streets safer and reduce the number of deaths associated with people living and drinking heavily on the streets. Unfortunately beer and cider are still the bad guys, despite many of the interviewees naming stag dos, unemployment and homelessness as contributing factors that create the market for cheap booze.

    Andrew Mason of Ipswich police says “This campaign aims to take the problem away at the source.” Despite its well intentioned efforts, that’s exactly what the campaign fails to do.


    Mark is better known as @fletchthemonkey and started writing about beer in 2009. When not content with spending all day on the internet working in digital for an multichannel retailer, Mark waxes lyrical at and types up match reports for Leeds Guide magazine.

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  • yeah the Guardian I think got quite alot of its details wrong IMO, I cant work out where they are talking about around the Wolsey theatre and I live in the town !!! to the point Ive even wondered if they really meant the New Wolsey Studio, but even that doesnt totally fit.

    As for the stag-do line,well the night time economy has never been that excessive in Ipswich, this isnt Blackpool or Brighton, we are continually seeing lots of pubs & restaurants close. Alot of town centre pubs, centrally located as well, just shut early, or dont bother opening, in the week at night because there just isnt the trade, even at the weekends things can be quiet and pubs have very old fashioned opening times if your used to all day opening in other places. And Ive been in the town centre after the local football league team have played a home game on the Saturday, the busiest time youd think, but you can walk through the town centre less than an hour after the game has finished and think its actually Easter Sunday or something and literally not see another person.

    And this ban which in some local stores has already been happening, is part of an initiative thats been running in the town for the past 6 years, the council coincidentally published a report just last week showing what good progress was being made with it, the number of reported incidents were down and the numbers of identified street drinkers were declining, all on the existing measures & level headed approach being taken.

    so where this sudden stepchange came from or a need to step up the campaign, though the confusion is in so much its only targetted drinks, not a blanket ban on all 6.5% beers/ciders as has been reported, Im not sure because its not an issue that creates alot of fury or angst locally, nothings radically changed in the last month, in some ways it feels just like an attempt to grab some headlines and credit for something that was actually quietly working anyway



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