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  • Ivanhoe English Pale Ale

    July 17th, 2010FletchtheMonkeyBeer Reviews, Pale Ales

    The guy behind the counter looks as decrepit as the shop, and the shop doesn’t even look open, it’s grape-bordered window dressing might be confused for a long boarded up newsagents. It leans against Ladbrokes on the Dereham Road,  just a short walk (and not very scenic walk) from the pot-holed streets of Norwich city centre.

    Ivanhoe jumps off the shelf, of all the local beers it looks the most promising (though in fairness surprisingly few of the local beer label designs would make Pump Clip Parade). Adorned with knights jousting, something feels right about buying this beer in Norwich, a city that was once second only to London and is now an oft-overlooked destination for cultural delights.

    And the beer fits the bill that the label tees up – malty, almost sour and distinctively English in all elements (inherited from the English Maris Otter and chocolate malt, the Golding and Admiral Hops). 

    Ivanhoe English Pale Ale

    Ivanhoe English Pale Ale

    Pale ales nowadays don’t often come without the promise of tropical fruit or a hop roll call scaling double figures. Ivanhoe redresses the hop/malt balance and if anything hints at English harvest fruit.

    Ivanhoe shows that nothing more than a hint of the historical is needed to make a beer I’d happily revisit regularly.

    More regularly than I’m likely to joust.

    And unfortunately more regularly than I get to ramble amongst the cobbles and wood beams of Norwich.

    Beer information:
    Beer: Ivanhoe English Pale Ale
    Brewery: Ridgeway Brewing
    Style: Pale Ale
    ABV: 5.2%
    Country: England


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