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  • Desert Island Beers #16: Dave Sweeney, Bank Top

    November 18th, 2011FletchtheMonkeyDesert Island Beers

    After growing up in Australia, Dave Sweeney came back to the UK in 1979 and quickly left again, travelling the world fitting paper machines for an engineering firm. After 19 years as an engineer Dave was made redundant and became Bank Top Brewery’s first employee – he’s now the outright owner. Oh, and did we mention he’s a seven times English and five times British wrestling champion?!

    Dave Sweeney of Bank Top Brewery

    The Beers

    Hi Dave! Which 5 beers (or ciders!) would you want to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island, and why?

    1. Little Creatures Brewing Little Creatures Pale Ale (Australia – 5.2%)
      “Only found in bottles in this Country, but drank it on draught in Australia. Outstanding use of Australian Galaxy Hops.”
    2. Fyne Ales Jarl (Scotland – 3.8%)
      “Great use of Citra Hops; tropical fruits in a glass!”
    3. Bank Top Brewery Pavilion Pale Ale (Bolton – 4.5%)
      “I’ve got to agree with Brad from Lymestone Brewery, a great beer and it did help me get over Bolton’s Cup Final defeat against Stoke!”
    4. Lindemens Kriek (Belgium – 3.5%)
      “They seem to have mastered fruit beers, all others fade into insignificance in comparison.”
    5. Phoenix (Oak Brewing Company) White Monk (Heywood – 4.5%)
      “Tony Allen, a great brewer, I suspect Cascade hops used in abundance!”

    And which beer (of those selected) do you regard most highly?

    “Little Creatures Pale Ale – memories in a bottle – whisked straight back to Australia!”

    Little Creatures Pale Ale bottle

    Little Creatures Pale Ale bottle

    Dave Sweeney wrestler brewer

    We weren't joking about the wrestling!

    The Meal

    You can also take one meal to go with your beers, what would it be and why?

    “Starter: Mushroom Soup, Main Course: Beef Wellington with roast potatoes and vegetables, Dessert: Rum and raisin ice cream, cheese and Biscuits. Just the best meal, basically a posh Wigan pie!”

    The Books

    You might be waiting a long time on your lonesome on the desert island, so we will automatically allow you a few books to keep your mind busy. You can pick between two beer books and two tomes: The Brewmaster’s Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food’ by Garrett Oliver, or ‘Beer’ by Michael Jackson; plus The Bible, or another appropriate religious or philosophical work

    “The Malt Stars of Warminster, by Robin Appel, and Michael Jackson’s Little Book of Beer”

    And a non-beery, non-philosophical book, something a little less taxing on the brain, what would that be?

    “Any Jeffery Deaver novel, especially the Bone Collector – also made a good film.”

    The record

    You have a CD/mp3/long player but you can only take one album. Choose wisely!

    “Hooty and The Blow Fish – Cracked Rear View – A fantastic album with outstanding lyrics, good for soul searching. Under rated album by an under rated band! Darius Ruckers’ vocal skills are soulful.”

    The Luxury Item

    And finally, what luxury item would help make your stay on the island bearable?

    “Golf Club(s) to improve my bunker play on the golden sands of the desert island.”

    Thanks Dave! Bet you enjoyed a few pints exacting revenge over Bolton this season! For more on Bank Top visits

    This article syndicated with All Gates Brewery blog as part of our ‘Desert Island Beers’ collaboration.


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