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  • Brewdog Nottingham

    March 23rd, 2012FletchtheMonkeyPubs & bars

    The blue logo can be seen for hundreds of yards. The windows that look out onto Hockley’s student-filled streets, opposite a tea room, cinema and acclaimed bistro, are plastered with huge crest shaped decals, archetypal generation Nike branding for a Starbuck’s influenced post-modern brand experience.

    B R E W D O G

    Reminiscent of the type of industrial themed sandwich shop found in downtown Prague or New York’s Soho, but with added chutzpah and a munificence for self-promotion, Brewdog Nottingham is a play centre for beer enthusiasts and anyone wanting something a little less serious from their atypical late night bar.

    Like a sixth-form common room with a twist of intoxication and a desire to scare even the hardiest of wallets (the Japanese beer does not come cheap!) the formiddable brick building – once a factory but now housing flats and a restaurant as well as the bar – has been given an extra lease of life with BrewDog’s assertive style.

    Wood and metal cover the industrially scarred walls which fleetingly appear in the entrance as a brutalist reminder of the history of this space. Unfussy wooden tables and benches circuit the room, gunmetal casks (branding BrewDog of course) are foot stools.

    Borrowing from a hybrid of Ikea/Habitat urban chic and a dash of the school gymnasium (no really, try the recycled seat covers) this is a bar with equal amounts of character and faux-sawdust pretension.

    Not that anyone meeting here gives two hoots about that because it’s a more than suitable environment for drinking beer and breaking bread. The high ceilings are filled with debate, discussion and de-briefing from the working week, perhaps even a frantic Friday night out, all sat sipping Punk IPAs and picking at mixed olives.

    BrewDog Blitz 2.8%

    BrewDog Blitz 2.8%

    BrewDog Nottingham

    BrewDog Nottingham

    BrewDog CAMRA chalkboard

    No CAMRAs allowed

    BrewDog Beer Menu

    The beer menu

    Brash as the BrewDog brand can be, Saturday afternoon in BrewDog Nottingham is relaxed. There’s cheekiness rather than petulance in their chalkboard real ale bashing (we sit beneath notices that read “Open mic night”…”don’t be shy”… “no CAMRAs”).

    And of the beer? Well it’s uncompromising. Hops dominate, BrewDog and their favourite breweries steal the show and if you want to dive into the bottled beer fridge and share a meat platter, expect little change from an Adam Smith.

    The acid test, would I go back? I guess the post-brand experience must have done the trick… despite the stupid Robin Hood PR stunt.

    Brewdog have been denied a license for a bar in Leeds. I’d ask the decision makers to step through the threshold of this revitalised building and take a read of BrewDog’s mischievous marketing collateral. What troublesome nightspots decorate their walls with annotated mash and serve beers in schooners, one third measures and nips? What irresponsible licensees charge £10 for a bottle of American IPA and provide details on the best bar snack to experience it with?

    You can play Scrabble there for Cambrinus sake!

    Bar information:
    Venue: BrewDog Nottingham
    Town/city: Hockley, Nottingham


    Mark is better known as @fletchthemonkey and started writing about beer in 2009. When not content with spending all day on the internet working in digital for an multichannel retailer, Mark waxes lyrical at and types up match reports for Leeds Guide magazine.

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  • I went to the Brewdog last night with a group of friends, two of which were real ale drinkers and the rest of us certainly not what you would call picky about what we drink.

    Whilst the above review is quite accurate, general ambience very welcoming, good decor and what originally seemed like friendly staff.

    But upon getting served we found that there was no JD, No diet cola, cheapest bottled beer of £6. Having parted with over £30 for 6 drinks we took to our seats.

    All 6 of us were appalled by the poo quality of the drinks, the American bottled beer was far too stronger taste for any of us, the cola was typical of supermarket own brand and the Black Ale draught beer was unbelieveably bad.

    My partner complained about her drink and after speaking to 3 uninterested staff members, her refund was slammed on the bar, with no apology or attempt at customer service. After this we departed, disgusted with the whole experience.

    Overall I would say its my worst ever experience in a bar and i would never recommend it to friends (or even enemies).

    Avoid at all costs.



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    @Unhappy Jim, Hi Jim! Yes, you rightly pick up on something that I didn’t, and that’s the price and range of drinks. My better half wasn’t impressed with the cola (her complaint that it was too posh! Perhaps it’s changed since we went?!) and it isn’t a place for watching the wallet, but I guess I was ready for that. And the extended range (especially the Japanese beers) are an investment rather than a sneaky pint!

    It’s not necessarily top of my list of watering holes in Nottingham but it’s definitely worthy of a look in as there isn’t anything quite like it in the city (that I know of).



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    @FletchtheMonkey, Your experience with the staff definitely doesn’t sound good, for their sakes I hope it’s not typical!



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