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    Buy beer from our favourite beer shops

    Completely biased towards our local area/s. Please tell us your favourite places to buy your favourite tipples!

    Specialist Beer Shops

    Beer Ritz, Headingley, Leeds

    Fantastic selection of bottled ales. My nearest stockists of my favourite Brooklyn EIPA and other  US bottles A treasure of a beer shop to live near, they sell all sorts – they even do glasses. Stop by for that special present.

    Bottle Shop, Canterbury, Kent

    A favourite beer shop of some of our soft Southern blogging friends, filled to the rafters with over 300 different varieties of bottled beer inlcuding a large Mikkeller selection and plenty of UK bottle conditioned ales.

    Utobeer, Southwark, London

    Operating out of a glorified market stall at Borough Market, Utobeer is the place to find rare and exotic American and Belgian beers. Make sure you bring empty luggage and a buldging wallet … roles which are guaranteed to be reversed when you leave.

    Online beer shops

    Beers of Europe

    Beers of Europe - enough to instil joy in any beer lover
    Beers of Europe – enough to instil joy in any beer lover

    Oh Beers of Europe. A special place in my heart is reserved for you. It was a long and heavy night at Norwich Beer Festival in 2008 and I just happened to notice your flyer on a sticky table. “Jimmy?” I said, “Is this place on the way back to Leeds?”. And it was and we stopped off on the Sunday, desperate for a hangover cure and a can of pop. And we both left considerably poorer and the car suspension considerably lower!

    Very easy to find beers from different countries, and probably easier to order your beer online (although if you do drive to Norwich from the North of the country you must stop in and see it for yourself!  If you ever need a new site guys, drop us an email.

    Beer Merchants

    Very easy to order beer over the world wide web and a cracking, ever expanding selection. They have good starter selections and special offers on mixed cases, with gift packs and vouchers for that hard-to-buy-for beer friend. Order beer online or you can even telephone the store. If you’re on Twitter then they are very helpful and will answer your questions.

    My Brewery Tap

    The concept of a brewery tap, adapted and brought straight to your door step? Brilliant! A great way for beer lovers to buy real ale online and try out new beers, and an interesting prospect for independent and craft brewers to distribute their ales. You can buy by the case,  the mixed case or join their 52 Week beer club and enjoy a wide election of great beers all year round.


    A brilliant concept and one that benefits beer lovers and independent breweries alike. Sign up to the Beer Club and receive a case of beer each month cherry picked from local breweries up and down the breadth of our fine brewing nation.  For more information see and on Twitter @AleintheMail

    Supermarket beer shops

    Sainsbury’s (our local is the White Rose, Leeds)

    My ‘stop off after a bad day at work’ beer store. The usual Sainsbury’s selection, which is usually pretty good. Would benefit from better focus on local ales and better price offers across multiple bottles (I rarely want to buy three of the same bottle to drown my sorrows!). Still, Nectar points on beer, musn’t grumble. Watch out for the Taste The Difference range in 2010/2011.

    Morrison’s (just up the road in Morley)

    Probably the best place for a cheap pack of bottles for watching Soccer Saturday whilst decorating. Often have 4 packs for £2 and pretty good prices on ciders, ales and Belgian beers

    ASDA Morley

    Great for “3 for £4″ offers on Old Hooky, St. Peter’s (and even St. Peter’s IPA if you’re lucky!). Good prices on general ale and ciders and an increasingly varies, if not exciting, local selection too. If you want Acorn, Barnsley and Hambleton Ales then this is the supermarket for you.


    One of the only places to pick up Sierra Nevada and Anchor Steam beer outside of a specialist beer shop. Tesco’s local range ain’t too bad but varies by store and you can pick up Punk IPA 4-packs, The Tesco’s collaboration with BrewDog are worth watching out for including  Tesco Finest American Double IPA (aka Hardcore IPA)

    B&M (our local is Morley)

    I don’t know whether Bargain Madness is actually the correct name for B&M, but it’s nickname is certainly appropriate. It’s not necessarily a beer shop but Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale @ 79p a bottle and Staropramen @ 330ml 69p are just some of the beer offers we’ve bagged in recent years. The beer section generally has 10 – 20 ales in stock at around £1 – £1.30 a bottle (at the moment lots of Adnams, Marston’s and a few local tipples) and the selection has a tendency to change every week or not for 2 months. If there’s one near you it’s worth popping in for the odd bargain beer, and best before end dates tend to be kind

    Do you know more  supermarkets or stores that double as decent beer shops? Please let us know your local beer saviours for great offers.

    Beer shops in Oxfordshire

    Hook Norton Brewery

    You guessed it, we couldn’t go a whole page without mentioned our beloved Hook Norton. Progress is measured in pints (or 500ml bottles) at North Oxfordshire’s finest brewery and shop. Order online @ Hook Norton shop or better still visit the fabulous Victorian steam brewery in the village of Hook Norton, Oxfordshire

    S H Jones Wine Merchants, Banbury, Leamington & Bicester
    Primarily a Wine merchants selling a selection of (now unfortunately more local only) harder to get beers from small breweries. You cannot order online at the moment but well worth a visit for finding something rare and local, perhaps for a gift or just to get to know the beers of North Oxfordshire a bit better.

    Beer shops in Leeds

    Out of this World

    The nearest place I can find that stocks Sam Smith’s lager, cider and IPA. Please please please start stocking the fruit beers too! Full of organic/healthy things as well. Opposite Corn Exchange.

    Simpson’s of Leeds, Dock St

    Once had a Duvel tasting session here, lovely stuff. A bit of a cult shop this, full of lots of niceities and goodies. And beer too. Not Morrison’s prices but some good bottles available.


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  • Hello,

    Just thought I’d update you to say that the range is increasing a little. We’re still selling a pretty extensive range of local beers but we’re now buying in guest beers as a one off so that locals can get something from further afield. Currently there is a range from Nethergate, Milestone and some Wentworth Bumble Beer, plus we will continue to sell Samuel Smiths from Taddy.

    We’ll stock beers from further afield if we can get stocks in not too large a quantities at prices that are good value for our customers.




  • I wish our B&M had an alcohol licence!



  • around Leeds you have Waitrose in Meanwood & Otley & City Centre and the magnificent Booth’s in Ilkley



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    Try to stop at Booth’s every time we go to Ilkley (or pass through). Have I not added them yet? Right, there’s a job for the weekend!



  • Would be great if you could add mine! West country ales and ciders galore! Online and retail sales.



  • The Beer Shop, 13 Kingsleigh Road, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4 3QF has a climate-controlled rack behind the bar that holds 10 casks, five of which are always on sale through handpumps,for consumption ON or OFF the premises. The beer is sourced from U.K. micro breweries, so no Wells, GK etc. here. We sell beer in bag-in-box in four sizes – 3, 5, 10 and 20 litres. The container is sealed and will last at least two weeks before opening, then about four days as the tap has a valve which prevents air from entering the bag when the beer comes out. We also have bottles from all of the countries that produce good beer. We have craft beers from the U.S.A.,Norway, Netherlands etc. and most styles from Belgium and Germany including Alt, Zwickel, Vollbier, Hefetrúb,Rauch and Ungespundet .



  • Hi, I’m in the process of opening a beer shop in darlington, stocking beers from our regions micros, our region being the North East but will include cumbria and yorks. Hoping to give people an alternative to the rather bland selections in our local supermarkets and give our small independant brewers a wider showcase.
    New website,
    any links to our site to get us onto Google would be grately appreciated.



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    We’ll add you to our twitter list of beer shops John. Good luck!



  • Hi,
    Do you know anywhere in Leeds that stocks Efes Pilsener at all? Want to buy some as a gift! Preferably city centre or headingley way.



  • Hi does anyone know where to buy Belgian beer near carlisle, Cumbria?



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