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    My first experiences of drinking beer came at my Dad’s barbecues. Sneaking a a cheeky little green bottle of Biere D’Alsace that came back to the UK with hundreds of other little green soldiers in the back of ‘Dodgy’ Dave’s Astra estate. At that age being allowed any alcohol was a treat but I soon learned to drink my bottle quickly as the first rule of enjoying beer tattooed itself into my psyche… 1. Good beer tastes better when it is still cool and fresh. Sure, warm flat beer can be downed quickly and if you’re sat in the middle of a rugby circle then that’s fine but you’ll be too busy throwing up down yourself to read this blog.

    Now that I’ve grown up I’m able to spend a little bit more than the £1.20 a pint I hunted out at uni and so more weekends and evenings are spent drinking quality beers in nice bars with good food. This leads me on to the second rule of enjoying beer… 2. Never drink good beer from a can. Higher volumes of beer can be acquired more cheaply in a can but you get one Penelope Cruz for the price of two Cheeky Girls, and it’s worth spending the extra cash so that your beer doesn’t taste of tin.

    By Alan

    About Us

    Set up my Mark and Alan, two young professionals entering our late twenties, Real Ale Reviews aims to be an independent source of a wide range of reviews of a huge range of beers (that is ale, lager, pilsner, stout, cider, anything similar!).

    We write about as much beer as we can and intend to review some of our favorite beers from the UK and beyond. Alongside this we will be reviewing the best places to eat and drink around West Yorkshire and everywhere else we end up on the weekend. We are not as committed as the chap that Mark met on the train one day who spent every weekend travelling the country attempting to visit every single Wetherspoons, but we are committed. We will also therefore be bringing reviews on brewery’s, beer festivals and the best bottled beer outlets in Britain.

    We want as much contribution from you as possible, and welcome reviews, opinion and articles on anything beer related! We talk about beer on twitter, so follow us for our up-to-the-minute beer talk!

    Real Ale Reviewers (so far!)

    Mark Fletcher – working for a leading digital agency in Leeds, Mark (aka FletchtheMonkey) writes about beer & digital marketing and tweets more than any other simian in West Yorkshire. Plays 5 a side, takes his camera everywhere he goes, and is about to waste a silly amount of money on a season ticket at Elland Road. Loves Grand Designs a little bit too much…

    Alan Walsh – Oxfordshire born and bred, Alan is very good at hockey and works in the finance sector. Has a degree in History and History of Art and is an oracle of (potentially not very) useful information

    Sam Lanes – Rothwell born and bred, Sam is also wasting a silly amount of money watching Leeds United in the 3rd division. Passionate about music, photography and home-brewing we hope to sample some of Lanesy’s ale in the very near future!

    We want your reviews! We are working on making this as easy as ordering a pint, but in the meantime please email or tweet us your news, comment and reviews that you’d like to see published! If you run another beer blog then we’d love to share content, links and hopefully meet up for a beer!

    Other beer sites that we like (and some non-beer ones!)

    Real Ale Hunter – find, share and hopefully sample ale in the best real ale pubs in your area –

    The Beer Boy - beer writer supreme Zak Avery blogs about all things beer  -

    Mashable – social media news and information from (useful tweets!)

    Pencil & Spoon – beer opinons and great information from

    Think Vitamin – excellent blog by the team at Carsonified (for great digital tips and discussion, follow Ryan Carson) –

    CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale

    Michael Jackson’s Blogspot – My Dad’s copy of “Beer” has a lot to answer for! Had his critics but his books are excellent, a true legend in the beer world. Enjoying an ale in the sky we hope.

    Shut Up About Barclays Perkins – a little technical for us sometimes, but a bloomin’ detailed beer blog, meticulously researched and enlightening

    The Good Stuff - Fellow Leeds blogger Leigh writes about food and beer and a variety of very good stuff

    UK Beer review blog – beer and ale tastings and review written by our friends Dan Cave and Andy Mogg. Not only do they write about beers in a way that won’t scare off your average man in the pub, they have myriad hobbies ranging from cars and photography to growing chillies and long distance walking


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  • Hi Mark

    Could you plet me have an address for you and Andy please. I imagine it will be two different ones?

    Thanks so much

    BW Nickie



  • Hi Mark,

    Keep on looking at your website waiting for your review of the Black Sheep Brewery Beer and Food evening on the 18th March.

    We were the couple you were sat next to – Andy and Emma.

    Look forward to reading it..




    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    @Andy, Andy, thanks for stopping by! Don’t worry, words about Black Sheep are on the way, will let you know when we post. Had a great weekend, thanks for helping make the evening so enjoyable!



  • Hi Guys,

    Anychance of getting a link on your ‘shop’s section’. I’m currently CAMRA’s Retailer of the year and have a pretty good selection!





  • Hello,
    My name is Kelly and I am organizing a really fun beer tasting event just outside of Phoenix. I would be very grateful if you could help me get the word out. Please email me for the details.

    Kelly Cray



  • Hi Mark and Alan,

    I have a proposal for you relating to curating a group of real ale tweeters and bloggers. Please drop me an email and I’ll send you some more information.

    Best wishes,




  • Hello,

    We bumped into your blog and we really liked it.
    We would like to add it to the

    We would be delighted if you could add your blog to Petitchef so that our users can, as us,
    enjoy it.

    Petitchef is a french based Cooking recipes Portal. Several hundred Blogs are already members
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    Best regards,



  • I have a real ale twitter a/c @realaleupnorh I would like to share some real ale news with you .I am very passionate about real ale and have a beer blog on my website.I would like to set up a website devoted to real ale.However,this looks quite difficult and expensive!



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    Hi Mark. If you fancy writing we’re looking for contributors – drop a line to mark (@)



  • Would you consider a link to my Beer-Inn Print website please (which would be reciprocated). We sell a large range of specialised books, posters, cards, signs and magazines – the specialism is “beer, brewing and pubs” only. We’re based in what was the West Riding, have run Beer-Inn Print bookstands at Bradford, Leeds, Halifax (and many others) CAMRA beer festivals for over 10 years and distibute the New Imbiber magazine to various pubs. Our product range will be of interest to your viewers.



  • Hi Guys!
    Loving the website!
    If any of you guys are looking for some good real ale in London then come and check out The Kings Head!
    We’re an ale house in Clapham Common and we pride ourselves on serving good quality, varied and interesting ales to our customers. We’ve got 8 pumps and we’ve got new ales on all the time. We’ve even got some real cider and great bottled beers too.
    We’d love to be put to the test with one of your reviews and to maybe even earn ourselves a link on the site!
    Check us out on twitter or facebook and come by and see us!
    Looking forward to it :)
    The Kings Head SW4




  • Hi there,

    I write on behalf of my client, Nicholson’s pubs. They have recently started writing a beer blog to keep customers in the know about all the latest real ale goings-on at Nicholson’s pubs – as well as any interesting news they pick up along the way.

    To raise the profile of our blog I should be obliged if you would post a link to the blog on your very informative website and as a reciprocal gesture I will arrange to place a link to your blog/website on the Nicholson’s pub website.

    Please use the following link if you find this agreeable and in return I would be delighted to receive the link you would like me to use to highlight your blog/website.

    Kind regards




  • Hi Guys

    You contacted me ages ago about doing a desert island beers I think it was december 2011 you needed my selection by!
    Then I completely lost the email you sent me and couldn’t remember which website it was for.
    I’ve just seen your tweet about SimonHJohnson’s desert island selection and finally tracked you down.

    So really, really sorry I didn’t get back to you, I had my 5 beers all ready to go but as I say just incompetently lost you details.



    FletchtheMonkey Reply:

    We will be in touch!



  • Hope you are well and finding time to enjoy the sun with a beer.
    My name is Dan and I am organising the London Craft Beer Festival
    We have some of the best breweries in the UK and Europe and I was hoping you could help spread the word about the festival.
    We are having a trade day on the friday of the festival, and I would be happy to give you a free ticket in exchange for help on the social media and web front.
    Please let me know if you can help and if you need any more information or material.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon
    All the best



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